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Reduce the Signs of Aging

Botox is widely considered the most effective means of reducing the forehead lines and frown lines on your face. It suppresses the unwanted wrinkles on your face to make you look more youthful. However, all Botox treatments aren’t alike. You must seek highly skilled and talented practitioners to receive the correct dosage in the correct areas if you want to avoid complications or obvious signs of cosmetic work.

22 Spa MD believes in highly-calibrated treatments of Botox in Salt Lake City with the utmost focus on the patient’s overall comfort and safety. Our cosmetic providers are specifically trained to adjust the Botox according to each patient’s unique goals and concerns, ensuring naturalized results. We fight off the signs of aging without letting anyone in on the secret of your youth and beauty.

client after botox in salt lake city and cottonwood heights

What Is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic injectable that reduces the prominence of facial wrinkles, such as forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet.

When injected into the correct facial tissues, it temporarily paralyzes the muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles on your face, thereby helping you achieve smooth and youthful skin.

Besides wrinkle relaxation, Botox can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), migraines, and various other conditions.

Treat Dynamic Wrinkles

Our Botox in Cottonwood Heights and the Salt Lake City area is a suitable treatment for dynamic wrinkles — as opposed to static wrinkles or fine lines. Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that appear on your face due to the overuse of facial muscles. The forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet appear on your face due to the overuse of certain facial muscles for expressions, such as laughing, frowning, etc. Over time, as the facial muscles are strengthened, the associated wrinkles appear etched on your face at all times.

Botox belongs to a category of injectables known as neuromodulators, i.e., products made of the active ingredient botulinum toxin type A. This is a neurotoxin protein that blocks communication between nerve endings and the associated muscles. When injected into the targeted facial tissues, it temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles responsible for the dynamic wrinkles, thereby suppressing the unwanted wrinkles. That’s why Botox only treats dynamic facial wrinkles — not static lines.

Botox Treats the Following Conditions:

• Forehead lines
• Frown lines between the eyebrows
• Crow’s feet around the eyes
• Other dynamic wrinkles, such as bunny lines, lip lines, etc.

client after botox in cottonwood heights and sale lake city

Am I a Candidate for Botox?

You’re a candidate for Botox if you’re an adult between 18 and 65 with realistic expectations and generally good physical and mental health. If you don’t have any major underlying medical conditions that contraindicate the treatment, you can go ahead with our Botox in Cottonwood Heights and the Salt Lake City area to reduce your dynamic wrinkles.

You can also opt for Botox as a prophylactic treatment, i.e., it prevents the overuse of the facial muscles that eventually lead to dynamic wrinkles, thereby staving off the signs of aging for a longer period.

Advantages of Botox:

• Non-surgical treatment
• Minimal pain and discomfort
• No major side effects or complications
• Extremely high patient satisfaction
• Highly-customizable treatments
• Little-to-no downtime
• Quick onset of results
• Natural-looking results

client after botox in cottonwood heights and salt lake city

What Are the Results?

Botox results start appearing after 48 to 72 hours, i.e., soon after the side effects wear off. However, the final results will be visible 7 to 14 days after the treatment, and the overall results last for 3 to 4 months. You can, however, opt for maintenance treatments to extend the results. Your cosmetic provider will curate the ideal treatment schedule to help you maintain the results.

Botox at 22 Spa MD

22 Spa MD provides highly personalized Botox treatments after a thorough evaluation. Our certified cosmetic providers carefully inject Botox into the targeted facial tissues after applying a numbing cream to ensure comfort. The number of injections depends on your specific goals and needs. The treatment usually concludes in 15 to 20 minutes, following which you can resume most of your daily activities. You may also experience minor redness, swelling, and tenderness for a few hours or days.

Why Choose Us?

22 Spa MD is a state-of-the-art and luxurious medical spa focused on providing the most effective cosmetic treatments tailored to each patient’s unique goals. We provide highly calibrated Botox in Cottonwood Heights and the Salt Lake City area that suppress your unwanted wrinkles while preserving the entire range of expressions. Please schedule an appointment at our medical spa in Cottonwood Heights in the Salt Lake City area to discuss your Botox treatments.


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