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Chemical Peels

Incredible Skin Rejuvenation

Are you looking for a way to improve your facial skin without going under the knife? If so, you should definitely consider getting a chemical peel. Peels are cosmetic treatments that use a variety of chemical solutions to renew and revive your complexion. When it comes to this popular treatment, you have quite a few choices. So let's dive right in and look at how chemical peels work and go over your treatment choices.

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How It Works

Although there are quite a few different types of chemical peels, they all work on the same principle: They involve the application of a chemical solution to remove some of the outer skin layers to stimulate the body into producing fresher skin that is less affected by signs of aging, sun damage and other problems.

What It Treats

The chemical peel is a versatile treatment that helps with a wide range of skin problems, including:

• Enlarged pores
• Dull skin tone
• Acne scarring
• Sunspots and age spots
• Hyperpigmentation
• Fine lines and wrinkles

Types of Peels:

As mentioned earlier, there is a dizzying variety of peels available, but they typically fall into three general categories: light, medium and deep.

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Light Peels

Light chemical peels normally involve the application of mild chemical solutions, such as glycolic and lactic acid. They only remove the very outermost layer of skin, which is made up of dead skin cells, dirt and debris. This has an immediate brightening effect upon your complexion, as all of this material was blocking the natural radiance of your skin.

Light peels do not normally require any anesthetic or downtime. To get the most from light chemical peels, schedule one on a regular basis.

Medium Peels

Medium peels are a bit stronger and reach more deeply into the skin. A medium peel may contain something called TCA. These peels are typically used to treat problems like light scars, fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.A medium peel will normally require a topical anesthetic and a bit of downtime.

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Deep Peels

The deep chemical peel is a powerful treatment that can be used to treat problems like deep scars and wrinkles. It may involve a chemical solution containing high-strength TCA or phenol.

Deep chemical peels always require a topical anesthetic and significant downtime. So you'd want to set aside a good deal of time to remain secluded while your skin heals from this strong treatment.

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