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Feminine Rejuvenation

Embrace Your Inner Glow with Innovative Feminine Rejuvenation Methods

As women get older, vaginal tissues might loosen up with age, pregnancy, or other factors, leading to incontinence and other problems that can affect their daily lives. Thankfully with the help of our rejuvenation treatments we can address those concerns and properly manage them to promote optimal health in the long-run.

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What Is Feminine Rejuvenation?

Feminine rejuvenation is a non-surgical approach of addressing the most widespread issues with women's sexual and reproductive health. Women's bodies go through changes due to age, having children, and hormones and this can lead to more complicated issues within. Although typical, these changes in a woman's body frequently come with a host of uncomfortable symptoms that can seriously impact their daily life. For that reason we utilize specialized and unique treatments to target those concerns and rejuvenate the body.

What Conditions Can Feminine Rejuvenation Treat?

Our patients find comfort in knowing that we treat all of their most severe symptoms with a simple and safe RF treatment session at our clinic. That said, there are many unique conditions that we are able to treat with our rejuvenation service and some of them include: 

• Treating loss of suppleness and tone
• Reducing pain during sexual activity
• Helping with urine leaks
• Improving vulvar laxity
• Improving virility dryness
• Improving burns in the cervix
• Minimizing an itchy vagina
• Improving sexual comfort and wellness
• Among other more personal concerns…

client showing her skin after laser hair removal in Salt Lake City and Cottonwood Heights

Exilis Ultra 360 for Feminine Rejuvenation

Exilis Ultra 360 for feminine rejuvenation can help you recapture your youthful radiance and bring forth your natural wellness to its fullest potential. 

This feminine rejuvenation treatment not only targets drooping skin, fine lines, and wrinkles in exchange for a firmer and more youthful appearance but it also encourages the production of collagen in the vaginal regions to promote natural wellness as well as minimize common aging concerns. 

This cutting-edge treatment makes use of the most recent advancements in technology to gently and effectively address concerns such as vaginal dryness, vaginal pain and more tailored concerns in order to promote the best vaginal wellness.

How Does Feminine Rejuvenation Work?

The Exilis Ultra for vaginal rejuvenation is the sole method of feminine rejuvenation that our medical experts provide, as the clinic only offers treatments and products of the greatest possible quality. The Exilis Ultra 360 makes use of radiofrequency to stimulate the formation of collagen while also increasing blood flow to the vaginal area. The whole process takes less than twenty minutes, and there is no discomfort or recovery time involved. 

How Many Sessions are Needed for the Best Results?

Your present vaginal tissue integrity as well as your desired outcomes will determine the number of treatments that you require. On the other hand, the majority of women need to have three initial treatments, followed by maintenance sessions once every six to eight months. 

Vaginal rejuvenation that is risk-free and does not include surgery requires continual care since the vaginal tissue is always changing and is subjected to stress throughout your life. For that reason we always recommend visiting our clinic whenever you experience new or recurrent symptoms. 

client showing her skin after laser hair removal in Salt Lake City and Cottonwood Heights

Who is a Candidate for This Treatment?

Any woman who is unhappy with the way her feminine health is going or is experiencing discomfort is a potential candidate for the rejuvenation procedure. Those who suffer from urinary stress incontinence, diminished firmness, soreness, or a lack of lubrication are excellent candidates for this therapy.

Learn More About Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments at 22 Spa MD

No matter where you are on your transformation journey, you deserve to feel good about yourself. If undesirable symptoms are affecting your quality of life, comfort, and confidence, our feminine rejuvenation treatments may help. 

To learn more about our treatments and how they can benefit you, please give our experts a call or fill out a contact form with your information!

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