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Hormone Therapy
Salt Lake City

A Tailored Wellness Therapy

As we grow older, hormonal changes in the body make it hard to strike and maintain the right balance. However, maintaining the optimal hormonal balance is necessary for overall wellness because hormones regulate every aspect of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

22 Spa MD provides highly curated hormone therapy in Salt Lake City to help you achieve optimally youthful hormone levels, which, in turn, allows you to lead a healthy and happy life.

What Is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy refers to treatments that regulate your body’s hormone levels to reverse the natural effects of age, medical conditions, menopause, and other factors on your body and mind. Hormonal imbalances can lead to cosmetic problems, loss of libido, mental anxieties, and other problems.

Hormone therapy helps you restore the ideal hormonal balance in your body, bringing your internal chemistry to its youthful and optimal levels.

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What Are the Types of Hormone Therapies?

• Injections delivered into the muscles
• Topical creams applied to various body parts
• Hormone pellets inserted underneath the skin
• Oral capsules taken in pill-form

Personalizing Your
Hormone Therapy Plan

At our 22 Spa MD medical spas, we provide personalized and individualized hormone therapy. Each individual is unique — everyone has different hormonal conditions that affect their mental, physical, and cosmetic health. Your personalized hormone therapy in Salt Lake City in Cottonwood Heights will address the root cause of your specific imbalance issues.

We review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, and run thorough evaluations to identify the hormone imbalances in your body. Based on your specific needs and symptoms, we curate the ideal hormone therapy plan for you. Furthermore, we focus on comprehensive hormone therapy, i.e., your hormone therapy plan depends on your habits and lifestyle factors. Our personalized hormone therapy plan helps you find the perfect balance in life.

Hormone Therapy for Women

Women undergo massive hormonal changes due to pregnancies, nursing, and menopause, but they may also experience hormonal imbalances for various other factors. Hormone therapy for women focuses on addressing the root cause of their symptoms to improve metabolism, decrease imbalances, and provide youthful levels of energy.

Benefits of Women's Hormone Therapy:

• Improve sex drive
• Improve sexual pleasure
• Decrease hot flashes
• Increase mental sharpness
• Regulate body weight
• Prevent excessive weight gain
• Moderate mood swings
• Improve physical strength
• Improve cardiovascular health
• Treat vaginal dryness
• Decrease night sweats
• Alleviate anxieties
• Improve immune strength

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Hormone Therapy for Men

Testosterone therapy is the most common form of hormone therapy for men. As men grow older, their bodies undergo numerous changes, especially related to their testosterone levels. Falling testosterone levels can lead to a loss of libido, bad moods, muscle mass loss, and other problems. Our testosterone therapy for men focuses on restoring optimal testosterone levels using pellets, injections, or pills.

Benefits of Men's Hormone Therapy:

• Improve sex drive
• Improve overall mood
• Increase energy
• Improve lean muscle mass
• Prevent weight gains
• Reduce the risk of heart conditions

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Growth Hormone Therapy

The pituitary gland produces the growth hormones responsible for most of the body’s functions. Growth hormone deficiency leads to various medical conditions and problems and affects your overall wellness. We use growth hormone peptides and alternative hormones that release growth hormones, thereby regulating your body’s overall growth hormones. The growth hormones are generally delivered into the fat tissues or muscles via injections.

Why Choose 22 Spa MD?

22 Spa MD is a luxurious medical spa that believes in holistic wellness and rejuvenation. Instead of simply improving your cosmetic appearance, we improve your mental, physical, and sexual health to help you lead a happier life. After all, our cosmetic, mental, and physical selves complement each other. Please schedule an appointment at one of our 22 Spa MD offices to discuss your options for hormone therapy in Salt Lake City in Cottonwood Heights.


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