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Ketamine Therapy
Salt Lake City

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Ketamine is an old medicine that’s been used for anesthetic purposes for over 20 years. However, recent research has shown that ketamine is incredibly effective against depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions. 22 Spa MD now provides ketamine therapy in Salt Lake City and Cottonwood Heights to alleviate your anxieties and improve mental health.

client after ketamine therapy in salt lake city

What Is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine therapy is a procedure wherein a highly-calibrated infusion of the ketamine medication can treat severe depression, anxieties, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, and chronic pain.

The ketamine particles bind to the receptors in the brain to promote natural regeneration and connection, thereby regulating the patient’s mood and mental health.

Longer infusions can also reset the nerves and decrease chronic pain caused by injuries to the spinal nerves.

Advantages of Ketamine Therapy:

• Safe treatment for depression and chronic pain
• Approved by the FDA
• Quick onset of results
• The results last longer than other drugs
• No harsh side effects or complications
• No downtime

client after ketamine therapy in salt lake city

What To Expect

At 22 Spa MD, your ketamine therapy in Salt Lake City and Cottonwood Heights will start with a thorough evaluation and consultation. Our specialized ketamine infusion providers will discuss your symptoms and concerns, review your medical history. And go over the treatment plan. After curating the treatment plan, our providers will attach the ketamine IV drip to your arms while you sit back and relax. Most patients need IV infusions for 45 minutes, but patients with chronic pain may need up to 3 hours of IV infusions.

The first two weeks of ketamine therapy are usually the most intense because you may need 3 infusions per week for a total of 6 infusions in two weeks. It’s important to stick to the treatment schedule for optimal results — studies have shown that 6 infusions in two weeks provide the maximum chance of success. After each session, you can have someone drive you back home since driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal.

Are There Side Effects?

During your ketamine therapy, you may feel a sense of dissociation from the physical world, entering a dream-like state that makes you feel calm. Some patients report changes in colors and shapes, but most people have different experiences. The most common side effects of the treatment include nausea and fatigue, but we counter that with a preventative anti-nausea medicine before your treatment. Most patients should take the rest of the day off work and other activities.

Why Choose 22 Spa MD

22 Spa MD is a state-of-the-art medical spa specializing in holistic health and wellness. We provide treatments that address every component of your wellness, including physical health, cosmetic health, sexual wellness, and mental health.

To give you the best possible results with ketamine therapy Salt Lake City has to offer, we calibrate a plan to address your specific goals and concerns, helping you lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. Please schedule an appointment at our medical centers in Cottonwood Heights or Downtown Salt Lake City to discuss your ketamine therapy options.


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